6 Electrical Safety Tips and When to Seek a Professional

Here are 6 steps to help keep your family safe from potential harm

If you have ever had an electrical problem in your home, then you know how quickly it can become a serious issue. With that in mind, here are 6 steps to help keep your family safe from potential harm:

1. We recommend you never try to work on your own electrical without the proper training. However, if it’s absolutely necessary that you do it yourself, DO NOT work on any wires or circuitry if the power is turned on anywhere else in the house!

2. Have a qualified electrician install or replace all circuit breakers and fuses!

3. If you have plugs that wobble or fit loosely in the socket, contact your local electrician to get them replaced.

4. If there is an exposed wire caused by damage such as worn insulation, frayed cord, cracked receptacle cover, or damaged plug blades; shut off the power source immediately and contact your local professional electrician.

5. You should unplug any appliance, including electric blinds before you wash or wipe it down.

6. When a home is occupied by people with young children or pets, it’s wise to add safety caps or replace all existing outlets with tamper-resistant outlets.


We hope that you found these 6 tips helpful in protecting your family from future electrical problems at home.

If you are looking for a professional insured electrician in the St Charles IL area, please reach out to us!