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Emergency Troubleshooting

24/7 available service, quick and expert explanation, and possible repair if parts are readily available.
Disclaimer: if you smell any type of smoke or burning from any electrical devices either shut the main breaker off or locate the branch circuit breaker and turn it off immediately. If there are any flames present please call 911 immediately, we will be happy to come out and repair any damage after everyone in the home is Safe. Safety is our number one priority.

Upgraded Main Panel Feed

Complete demolition of existing breaker panel. New upgraded breaker panel and feed installation. Coordination with Comed will be included in pricing.

House Panel Replacement

We will make a free site visit to verify panel replacement is required and get to work as early as the next day. We only use the industry’s top-rated tools to make sure everything we install is in compliance with national and local codes and standards. Give us a call for a free estimate.

Sub Panel Replacement

Installation of a new sub panel energized off of an existing house panel. Grounded and Bonded per current NEC standards.

Electric Vehicle Charger Install

Full install of a 240 Volt circuit for Eletric Vehicle wall connector.

Can Light Installation

Everything from 6″, 4″, and custom can lights installed and energized.

Attic Fan Installation/Replacement

Includes a full installation of desired model attic exhaust fan, as well as energizing and testing equipment.

Replace A/C unit disconnect

Replacing 240V 2-pole weather proof disconnect switch for any outdoor A/C units.

Switch/Outlet Replacement

Replacement of individual power points and switches, including appropriate plate cover.

USB-C Receptacle Replacement

A 120V Duplex receptacle with a USB-C port built-in.

New 240V Outlet/Receptacle

Includes new 2-pole breaker from corresponding Panel manufacturer. New 240V receptacle at desired location.

Pendant Luminaire Install/Replacement

Full assembly of desired light fixture, as well as installation.

Ceiling Fan Replacement

Taking down the old fan, as well as assembling the new fan as well as hanging and energizing it.

Bathroom Fan Replacement

Exhaust fans are the most underrated item in anyone’s bathroom. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when sizing the correct fan for you. There are also many customized bathroom fans, such as, mood lighting, watertight Bluetooth speakers, and many more. Timer switches can also be incorporated to help minimize moisture and save energy.
Call us today and we will help you pick the ideal solution.

Landscape Lighting

Hardscape lighting is a great way to show off your beautiful home as well as create scenes/moods when enjoying outdoor space. Low voltage outdoor lighting comes in various shapes and sizes. We always recommend a transformer with a timer built-in so that you can set on/off times and spend more time enjoying your outdoor space.

L.E.D Strip Installation /ft

Professionally soldered and installed L.E.D strips with customers’ choice of length, color, and trim.

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